About me

Growing up in Southern California with a health-nut of a mom, my brothers and I were raised on a mostly plant-based diet, which included lots of fruit and vegetable juices, sprouts, whole grain bread, and even wheatgrass juice. Our refrigerator resembled a science experiment, and we were not exactly the envy of our peers for our mother’s healthy food choices. Even though I complained as a child, luckily for me I inherited my mother’s fascination for nutrition & plant medicine.
After moving to Switzerland, one of the things I missed the most were the fresh juice bars and health food stores like we have in California. Although it took me awhile, I finally realized my dream of being able to share my favorite health elixirs with all of you…in the form of cold-pressed organic juice, wellness shots, smoothies and healthy treats! It is a true joy to do what I do, and I hope that you feel a drop of sunshine in every sip of Junie Juice!